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Finding the right people and services at the right time can be challenging.But, if you do, it can also be life-changing.I learned this the hard way when I became a widow suddenly and unexpectedly in 2022.Had it not been for finding the right people at the right time offering second-to-none products and services (which I can honestly say ranged from affordable perfume to life insurance claim consulting) that helped me navigate a "new normal" I never asked for nor expected, I doubt I would be writing this today.I wish I could say that I found these people because they’re just great people offering great products and services and great businesses always get great outcomes.But, the truth is, I found them mostly through either their email marketing or websites. Those emails and websites were then convincing enough to make me take a chance on them.And unfortunately, that is the harsh reality of the world we live in today.It doesn’t matter how good your offer is. Without the right messaging and SEO, your chances of success are slim.Not because you don’t have a great offer, but because the right people can’t find you at the right time. Or, if they do, you’re unable to convince them to give you a shot.That’s where I come in.I founded Best Next Thing in 2023 to use my talent as a writer to pay it forward.I offer high quality copywriting services to small businesses, coaches, content creators, and authors (yes, they need copywriters, too!) that run the gamut of industries and offerings but all have one thing in common:They can make a difference in the lives of their prospects.So whether you’re a financial advisor or you’re selling the world’s comfiest sweatpants, if you’re here to help others, I’m here to help you.Schedule a call with me today so we can discuss how I can help you grow your business.After all, you never know who is looking for you.


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The Rebuild Podcast

In addition to my work as a copywriter for businesses I love, I am currently developing a podcast.I can hear your thoughts (even through time and space) right now:
"Oh, God. Another would be podcaster. How cringe."
And I get it.But trust me, as the person who has had their social media set to "super duper uber, no really I mean it, I don't even want the FBI to be able to find me" private for well over a decade now, I can assure you I am far from an attention seeker.And I wouldn't start a podcast if I didn't think I had something of value to say.In the very beginning of my journey of having to totally start over out of nowhere when I thought I had it all figured out, I thought I was unique.But, I learned something very early on. There is nothing special about me.Every single day, thousands of people find themselves starting over, and for a millions different reasons, most of which aren't good or enviable or even voluntary.And a lot of us go it alone.Oh, sure. There are tons of self-help books out there. There are other podcasts that talk about grief and loss and feeling lost and starting over. There are TikTokers telling us to just think positively to "manifest" a better reality.We listen. We watch. We nod vacantly. We tell ourselves it does make sense.But it doesn't fully resonate. We think, "That's great and all, but they just don't get what this is really like."Because they haven't really been there. Or, if they have, it was years ago and they're now safely on shore on The Other Side.There aren't too many people in the trenches going through it right now who are willing to tell you what it's really like.Until now.There will be laughs (yes, sometimes it can be pretty funny!) and probably some tears. (OK, definitely tears.)But, most importantly, I want to share my experience and what I am learning with anyone else who finds themselves starting over.And I want to give them a space to share their stories and lessons too.I can't wait to bring you on my journey and hear about yours.Stay tuned!